Saturday, September 24, 2022

Hackers Release Nearly 400,000 Emails From Top Chilean Military Body

 A group of cyber-activists broke into the email servers of the Estado Mayor Conjunto of Chile's armed forces and published files containing nearly 400,000 emails. Some of the emails are top secret or considered sensitive information. The hacking is one of the most serious digital breaches of security in Chile's history, and could expose the top brass' strategic thinking. A group called Guacamaya is responsible for the cyberattack, the latest in a series of hackings the group has made of Latin American security and military agencies. Guacamaya made its files public Sept. 19, ironically on Chile's Armed Forces Day. It targeted the Estado Mayor Conjunto, or EMCO, which is responsible for coordinating operations among the branches of the military and it acts as an advisory body. Military officials were aware their network was vulnerable to cyberattack for more than a year. In April 2021, Microsoft warned EMCO it could be hacked. Other warnings surfaced later, but warnings never were communicated to the proper officials. In May, Defense Minister Maya Fernandez was told only of network vulnerabilities but not that EMCO had been hacked. So far, the only fallout has been on Gen. Guillermo Paiva, who resigned as the head of EMCO.

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