Sunday, January 23, 2022

Chile Buys E-3D Aiborne Early Warning Aircraft from Britain

Chile's Air Force finalized a deal to purchase three E-3D Sentry airborne early warning aircraft from the U.K. Royal Air Force. The planes are part of a fleet of AWACS planes retired in 2021 by the RAF, and negotiations to buy the planes began at that time. According to Jane's, the deal is finalized but terms were not disclosed. Plans are to use one of the three planes for spare parts and keep the other two in operating condition. The E-3D, based on a Boeing 707 platform similar to what the USAF used for many years, replaces Chile's single Condor, an aged 707 converted into airborne radar by Israel Aircraft Industries. That plane, Jane's says, was built in 1965 as a test bed for Boeing and was sold to then-Lan Chile (now Latam) in 1969. Then it was sold to FACh in 1990. The E-3D planes have updated CFM56 engines, maritime surveillance equipment and refueling booms, according to U.K. Defence Journal.This could be one of the last weapons acquisitions before leftist Gabriel Boric is sworn in as president. His government is not expected to be friendly to the military.