Sunday, December 19, 2021

Upgrades Completed on Navy's Type 23 Frigates

One of the Navy's most far-reaching upgrade programs is now completed, after Asmar delivered the third and final Type 23 frigate with greatly improved electronics and armament. The upgrades extend the service life of each of the ships by 20 years. The three warships now carry the Lockheed Martin MCS 330 combat management system, the Hensoldt TRS 4D multifunction radar and MSSR 2000 secondary radar, MBDA's CAMM air defense missiles, and Viasat Link 16 and Link 22 datalink systems. FF 06 Almirante Condell was the last of the three Type 23s to undergo the upgrade, which took about a year for each ship. The program not only increases each ship's detection abilities, but it also provides each with an anti-air defensive umbrella of up to 25 kilometers with the CAMM missiles. The British Navy chose CAMM to replace the Sea Ceptor missiles.