Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Defunding the Carabineros

Chile's new constitutional assembly is busy drafting proposals, and a committee proposed eliminating the nation's police force and replacing it with a new institution grounded in social justice and human rights. For many leftists, it would be a dream to eliminate the Carabineros, which formed part of the military dictatorship and today remain a nemesis. The head of Carabineros and some officials in the current government blasted the proposal, saying there is room for reform but not outright abolishment. The proposal saw a setback when the constitutional assembly's rules commission said the assembly lacks the authority to eliminate the police. With a whole new legal system being drawn up, who's to know if the new constitution will include a new police force. Carabineros may end up fighting for their survival, while Chileans could be left wondering how or who will fight crime. It also says that no matter what happens, Carabineros are likely to face a more skeptical or even hostile government forged out of the assembly.