Monday, May 10, 2021

Chile Replenishes its Hercules C-130 Fleet

 Chile's Air Force is adding two used Lockheed Hercules C-130H transport planes, thanks to a donation from the U.S. government. The first plane was delivered April 22 after serving with the Montana Air National Guard. The delivery came with a bonus: The plane was packed with Covid-19 relief supplies. Chile's Hercules have been used to transport Covid patients from remote locations, including Easter Island. The second Hercules is set for delivery in the next few months. The acquisition helps Chile recover the loss of a C-130 that crashed in the ocean in 2019, leaving all on board dead. That plane was a model H, the same as the newly acquired Hercules. Including the donated planes, Chile's Air Force operates four C-130H and three C-130R and a single C-130B. The latter is likely to be retired when the second Herc is delivered.