Saturday, June 29, 2019

Chile To Acquire Armored Vehicles for Marines: Report

Chile's marines plan to purchase a dozen Coyote LAV reconnaissance vehicles from Canadian surplus stockpiles. reported that negotiations continue on the deal, and that Chile is seeking new engines and spare parts as part of the purchase. Deliveries could begin as early as this year. The Ottawa Citizen, however, indicates that a sale remains far from ready, and that Canada has yet to officially list the vehicles for sale. That doesn't necessarily mean there's no interest from Chile. Weapons deal often are secretive until all terms are agreed upon. The Coyotes would likely replace Scorpion light tanks the marines use in a reconnaissance role, only the Coyotes are much better equipped. The Coyote LAV is a variant of the Piranha family of light armored vehicles. Armed with a 25mm M242 Bushmaster cannon, the Coyote's main characteristic is a suite of electronic sensors that can be elevated on a 10-meter telescoping mast. This gives the Coyote a superior ability to watch over large areas of the battlefield. Its radar can find targets out to 24 km, and other sensors have a range of 15 km. Coyotes can track an area for days or weeks at a time. This capability has made the Coyote an effective weapon in peacekeeping missions and in combat areas such as Afghanistan. The Scorpions are the only armor in Chile's marine force, which consists of a few battalions around key naval assets plus an embarked battalion.