Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Chile Acquires More Super Tucanos, May Use Them at Bolivian Border

Chile's Air Force has purchased six additional A-29 Super Tucano light attack planes from Brazil's Embraer, a deal that has not been announced publicly, says a report in InfoDefensa.com. The defense publication notes that two of the new planes were transported to Chile in March, citing flight-tracking data. InfoDefensa adds that the new Super Tucanos will be used to patrol the border with Bolivia. Chile purchased a dozen A-29s in 2008 and uses them in flight instruction and light attack roles. With Bolivia demanding talks on regaining access to the Pacific Ocean, relations with Chile are strained. Chile has established at least one border outpost, while Bolivia plans to set up 19 posts along the Chilean border. The military significance of those posts is minor, and they are primarily designed to combat smuggling and other illegal trafficking. The Chile-Bolivia border is notorious for lax controls and dozens of unauthorized entry points for smugglers, stolen cars and drugs.