Sunday, February 11, 2018

After Investigation is Fumbled, Will Anyone Face Terror Charges?

Chile's police force is facing a major crisis after investigators were found to be planting evidence in one of the biggest sweeps against indigenous militants. Carabineros unleashed Operation Hurricane last September, rounding up a number of Mapuche activists and charging them with attacks on ranchers, logging trucks and churches. But the case started unraveling when word leaked out that police had fabricated incriminating messages on the defendants' WhatsApp and Telegram messaging apps. What would have been one of the largest crackdowns on the wave of arson and armed attacks by Mapuche extremists has now collapsed in embarrassing form. On Feb. 9, a judge dismissed all charges against 10 defendants in the case, leaving police and prosecutors empty handed and with egg on their faces. After years of extremist attacks in the Araucania region, authorities have little to show for their work. Attackers have escaped time after time using simple but effective tactics under the cover of darkness. Truckers and others who have been victimized have reason to believe Carabineros are failing to tackle one of the biggest security problems in Chile. But the episode also reinforces Mapuche claims that police are violating their rights.