Thursday, July 28, 2016

U.S. OK's Sale of Seasparrow Missiles to Chile

Chile's Navy is acquiring the Evolved Seasparrow missile, the first significant naval anti-aircraft improvement since a pair of air-defense frigates were purchased in 2004. The $140 million deal includes 39 Seasparrows, three MK 41 launching systems (multi-purpose launchers that are installed below deck) and support equipment. The Seasparrows are planned for Chile's three Type 23 frigates, the most modern in the fleet. The Raytheon-built missiles have a maximum range of more than 50 km and are capable of defeating high-speed anti-ship missiles as well as aircraft. Seasparrow also can be used against surface targets. The Type 23 frigates currently have the British-made Sea Wolf missile, a system designed as a last line of defense against aircraft and anti-ship missiles.