Sunday, January 31, 2016

Army Reorganizes its Units, Again

The Army is reorganizing its divisions, although the changes are largely in how each unit is named. For example, three reinforced regiments in the north of Chile are now called motorized brigades. Another reinforced regiment that's part of the 3rd Mountain Division will go by the name of mountain "detachment," implying a smaller force than a regiment-sized unit. Similarly, other reinforced regiments were renamed "detachments." The Army has made some organizational changes in the past, such as when it created the mountain division. But the biggest change took place after Gen. Augusto Pinochet retired from the Army. Subsequent leaders took the country's various regiments and organized them into self-contained units with infantry, armor, logistics, engineer and other elements.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Chile Suffers Another Casualty in Haiti

An Air Force captain was wounded when he received a gunshot fired into Chile's aviation facility in Port-au-Prince. The shooting occurred while the officer, who is a surgeon, was walking inside the base, and it has prompted new security measures. It is unclear if the shot was aimed at Chilean personnel at the base, or if it was just a random shooting. The shooting is one of a few casualties Chile's forces have suffered in Haiti since joining the UN's peacekeeping force nearly 12 years ago. Two have been shot to death, and a third committed suicide. More than 4,500 police and troops from 19 nations are still participating in the UN force.