Saturday, June 1, 2013

AAV7 Vehicles, M4 Carbines for the Marines

AAV7 -- coming to Chile's surf
Chile has agreed to purchase a dozen AAV7 armored amphibious vehicles for its new Amphibious Expeditionary Brigade. The vehicles are being acquired from surplus U.S. stockpiles and will be upgraded by BAE Systems' Global Combat Systems unit, according to reports. The AAV7s, being delivered next year, will be upgraded to the RAM/RS standard, which includes a more powerful engine. The batch is comprised of 10 AAVP7 A1 troop transports, one AAVC7 command vehicle and one AAVR7 recovery vehicle. The vehicles will be part of the 1,400-strong brigade embarked on the Sargento Aldea multirole ship and other vessels. The AAV7 is quite capable as an amphibious assault vehicle. But for peacekeeping missions, the large, tracked AAV7 is not as well suited as wheeled AFVs, which travel better in urban areas. The AAV7's armament is a .50-caliber machine gun and a 40mm grenade launcher, both mounted on a turret. The Expeditionary Brigade has lacked heavy weapons but is slowly being outfitted with helicopters, landing boats and other equipment. Chile also is buying 2,000 5.56mm Colt M4 carbines for the marines, according to The carbines replace the heavier HK33 assault rifle and also are destined for the Amphibious Expeditionary Brigade, Infodefensa said. Although the reports seem credible, neither acquisition has been confirmed in the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency website. Update: Aviacion Argentina has reported that the purchase of AAV7 armored vehicles has been canceled.

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