Sunday, February 10, 2013

One Less Missile Boat for Chile's Navy

One of the four missile boats based in Chile's northern naval base has been retired. LM 36 Guardiamarina Riquelme had been in Chile's Navy since 1997, when it was acquired second-hand from Germany. It served a total of 38 years. LM 36 was one of four Tiger Type S-148 boats that were acquired. The other three remain in service. They are armed with four MM-38 Exocet missiles, a pair of 76mm guns and two .50-caliber machine guns. Meanwhile, one of the missile boats in the south of Chile has been sent to refit. The Noticias FFAA Chile blog noted that LM 34 Angamos was spotted headed to repair docks in Talcahuano. LM 34 is an Israeli-built SAAR 4 class vessel. Two others are based in the southern port of Punta Arenas. Although Chile's missile boats have nearly four decades of service, there are no immediate plans to replace them.

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