Saturday, April 21, 2012

U.S. Troops to Train at Chilean Base

The U.S. and Chile have built a training center for peacekeeping mission at a military base in central Chile. The $460,000 installation consists of an urban setting and was specifically built for "blue helmet" operations under the command of the United Nations. Besides U.S. and Chilean troops, soldiers from Brazil, Argentina and other UN member countries will train in Concon, where Chile's marines have one of their four bases. The presence of U.S. troops rattled left-wing politicians, who characterized the project as a U.S. intrusion for belligerent purposes. Thar forced Defense Minister Andres Allamand to try to soothe critics' nerves. Chile's most significant role in UN peacekeeping missions is in Haiti, where it has stationed about 600 troops with support vehicles and helicopters.

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