Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fighter Jet Pictures Show Targeting Pod

F-16 MLU. Notice pod on starboard side of jet intake.
Some stunning pictures of Chile's jet fighters and other aircraft are illustrated in the website of aviation photographer C.J. Vanderende. The images are good enough for any military or aviation enthusiast to appreciate. But a couple of shots are particularly interesting because they seem to confirm the existence of the Litening targeting pod in Chile's arsenal. Chile's Air Force is guarded about details of the electronics on its warplanes, but some unofficial sources had mentioned FACH's acquisition of the Litening, The Litening has sophisticated vision gear, including an infrared camera, and a laser designator that works as a targeting pointer. Its technology enables the use of precision munitions and makes night operations much easier. The Litening pod was developed by Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Northrop Grumman has joined in the project.