Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Small Arms, Logistical Equipment in Famae Pipeline

SAF 200 submachine gun
The army's own munitions and weapons manufacturer, Famae, has introduced a series of new guns, including its latest version of the SIG assault rifle. The SIG 556 follows other rifles made by Switzerland's Sig Sauer that have been built under license in Chile. SIG rifles are standard army issue. Famae is also has introduced a new version of its 9mm submachine gun, a model being called the SAF 200. Projects under development include reinforced bridgelayers, refueling vehicles, a smokescreen system capable of masking 70% of vehicle's infrared signature and a virtual shooting range. The projects are shown at Famae's Web site.

Friday, November 12, 2010

New F-16s Start Arriving

The first six of 18 F-16 fighter jets arrived at their new home base on Tuesday, Nov. 9. The jets flew from Holland, refueling in midair and making a stop in the Canary Islands. The F-16s were purchased from Holland, which put the planes up for sale as surplus equipment. All have undergone the mid-life upgrade (MLU) program, which includes updated electronics. Combined with an earlier purchase from Holland, Chile's air force now owns 34 F-16 MLU fighters. All F-16 MLUs are being operated from the Cerro Moreno base near Antofagasta.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Report: 3 Finalists for UAV Deal

Chile's armed forces have narrowed down their choices for unmanned aerial vehicles to three companies, from an initial group of 13, according to a defense blog. Intelligence, Defense & Security quoted Gen. Cristian Le Dante, head of the joint chiefs of staff, saying three companies made concrete proposals, and a decision will be made by year-end. The general said the systems are for medium- and long-range missions, and are equipped with radar and thermal-imaging technology. The three finalists are not named but all are from Israel, according to sources cited by Intelligence, Defense & Security. The Israeli companies that make such UAVs include Elbit Systems, which developed the Hermes line of long-endurance UAVs; and Israel Aerospace Industries, whose products include the Heron family of strategic UAVs.