Monday, October 25, 2010

UAVs Donated As Decision Nears on Contracts

Chile's army has acquired its first unmanned aerial vehicles -- a pair of Skylark aircraft donated by Israel Aircraft Industries. The gift comes as Chilean military authories draw closer to a decision on UAV acquisitions that could result in three or four contracts by the end of the year, according to an article in Milenio. The Skylark 1 LE mini-UAV can stay aloft for 3 hours, and has a range of 15 km. Its payload includes day and night cameras. A few companies in Chile have worked with universities or the military to develop UAV projects. These are modest projects, aimed primarily at commercial uses. For example, IDETEC built a mini UAV called the Stardust. Universidad de Concepcion has been working on a larger UAV with the army. Chile's air force developed its own UAV prototype but it has not been put into service.

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