Monday, May 12, 2008

Arms Database Offers Details On Purchases

Chile was the world's 17th largest weapons importer in 2007, spending $617 million. That puts it second in Latin America after Venezuela, which spent $887 million. Data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute covering 2005-07 shows Chile paid $50 million for 20 Harpoon II anti-ship missiles. Other noteworthy items: $125 million for spares, training and munitions to supplement the $225-260 million purchase of three ex-Royal Navy frigates, and $10 million (including modernization) for three former Brazilian Dauphin helicopters. SIPRI's data also show the purchase of 1,000 Spike-MR/LR anti-tank missiles, 29 Blackshark torpedoes, 200 RIM-66B Standard-1MR surface-to-air missiles and 75 AIM-7M Sparrow SAMs. The anti-aircraft missiles are for frigates purchased from the Netherlands.

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