Friday, July 3, 2015

President's Plane Again Breaks Down

An Air Force 767 jet that serves as the official plane for the president was in the news for the wrong reasons. The plane was forced to scrap a flight to a political summit in Peru after a fuel problem was detected. President Michelle Bachelet and her entourage had to board a smaller Boeing 737 to make the trip. The problem wasn't so unusual, but it was a reminder of the maligned state of VIP transports in FACh's inventory. Politicians want to find a newer, better plane, rather than continue sharing planes that are normally used to ferry troops. The Boeing 767 was purchased second hand in 2008, and it's had major problems before. Still, don't expect a VIP transport to be acquired anytime soon. A plush jet fresh out of the assembly line would be a budgetary luxury, and potentially a political backlash for any president who would board it.

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