Friday, July 24, 2015

Navy's Largest Ship on Lease to Canada

The Navy is leasing out a fleet replenishment ship to Canada, earning some rental fees while helping an allied nation. Canada agreed to pay Chile $4.8 million to use the Almirante Montt for 40 days, according to Defense News. The rental leaves Chile without its largest ship, but the 42,000-ton vessel is not critical to the Navy because it has another tanker ship, the 26,000-ton Araucano. The smaller ship was added to the fleet in 2010, when it was purchased second-hand from a company called Ultragas. The Araucano underwent improvements at the Asmar shipyard until 2013 to bring it up to the requirements to serve as a fleet tanker. Chile uses the two supply ships for joint training exercises, including some that are conducted as part of international security treaties. Canada has retired its two supply ships, and construction of two replacement vessels has been delayed until 2021. That's left Canada scrambling to find ships that can serve as stop-gap solutions.

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