Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New Defense Minister Backed Bolivia in Territorial Dispute

Chile has a new defense minister after President Michelle Bachelet shuffled her cabinet. Jose Antonio Gomez, the former head of the Ministry of Justice, replaced Jorge Burgos. Gomez's resume has little in terms of military affairs, other than the time he served on a defense committee when he was a senator. But the most troubling part of his background is that in 2011 he advocated yielding Chilean land so Bolivia could recoup its access to the Pacific Ocean. After assuming his new post, Gomez quickly backed away from his controversial position. He called his remarks as those of "another era," before Bolivia took Chile to the International Court of Justice over its access to the sea. That case is being argued now. With a background in law and human rights, Gomez doesn't seem like a good fit for the top civilian defense post. His sympathy for Bolivia doesn't strengthen his credentials, either.

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Anonymous said...

Chile has never had a state policy in relation of Bolivia claim to return to the pacific. Many prior administrations gave Bolivia hope to solve the dispute in direct conversations inclusive it was part of the agenda many times. Now Bolivia got tired of empty promises and will demostrate b4 the court that conversations directed to solve the controversy were real.