Saturday, January 17, 2015

Police Bring up Armor Against Indigenous Rebels

Chile's police has been adding armored vehicles in the Araucania region, where it is battling radical Mapuches who have been carrying out a campaign of arson and other attacks. The Carabineros moved in several Mowag 4x4 armored personnel carriers to bolster a force that often has been overmatched in fighting the indigenous group. Now, Panhard PVP vehicles have been added and are in the region, according to The Carabineros' latest armored vehicle were originally acquired for the Marines and used in the Chilean UN contingent in Haiti. With Chile winding down its commitment in Haiti, the eight Panhards have been reassigned to the national police. Also, at least two Renault Sherpa APCs of the Carabineros special forces unit have been seen in the area, the website said. Chances are, they'll get plenty of use. Attacks, especially arson, have not let up. At least one victim has fired back, literally. A watchman shot one of the men who set fire to trucks and farm equipment.


Anonymous said...

how good are those f-16 at pintpointing the target and hitting it over mountains , expalin

J.C. Arancibia said...

Sounds like you're referring to a different post, but the F-16s have the JDAM GPS-guided system. As long as you have the right coordinates, you can drop a bomb anywhere in reach of your F-16.