Saturday, July 19, 2014

Submarine, Frigate Collide During Exercises

The wounded SS Carrera
Two of the Navy's newest ships were damaged when they collided against each other during a training exercise. No one was hurt, but the FF Almirante Condell and SS Carrera sustained structural damage. The sub's turret and the frigate's stern were damaged. Both boats sailed to the Asmar repair yard under their own power, reports said. The Navy is investigating the collision, which occurred early July 18 about 30 nautical miles off the port of Valparaiso. The accident leaves two important assets out of service and a black eye for its commanders. A congressional panel says it will investigate. The Condell, a Type 23 frigate, was acquired from the British Royal Navy, where it was named HMS Marlborough, and handed over to Chile in 2008. The Carrera is a Scorpene class submarine delivered in 2005. Update: Defense Minister Jorge Burgos said Aug. 13 the submarine and the frigate will be repaired and back in service by the end of the year. Both sustained "considerable" damage, Burgos added.

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