Sunday, July 6, 2014

Politicians Urge Acquisition of New Presidential Jet

A Boeing 737-500 jet that has been the presidential aircraft since 1997 suffers from a short operating range, and that alone may be enough to get Chile to look for a VIP plane with longer range. The daily El Mercurio reported that a group of executives and government officials came back from a trip to Washington, D.C., exhausted from a flight that took 14 hours and two refueling stops. The 737 has adequate range for flights within South America, but no farther. The Air Force (FACh) has a Boeing 767 that can make the Santiago-U.S. trip nonstop, but it is not for exclusive presidential use and it may end up being sold. Another 737 has been converted for cargo. The fact that politicians want a new long-range transport makes it all the more possible that one will be purchased; they have most of the purse-strings to make it happen. But will it play in Peoria, or Peñalolén, shall we say? Spending upwards of $100 million on a VIP jet may not sit well with a citizenry that can point to health care, crime and education as bigger needs.

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