Saturday, March 22, 2014

Article Details Chile's Military Aircraft

A article on Chile's aviation assets provides a few updates. One is that the Navy has retired the C 212-100 light transport planes and the Cessna O-2 Skymaster light patrol aircraft. The Army also has retired its C 212 planes. And the Air Force (FACh) may be doing yet another update to its aged F-5 fighter planes. More valuable, though, is the breakdown of the aviation fleets of the Air Force, Army and Navy. Here's the FACh order or battle, which agrees with other reports about the FACh inventory. Check the link above for the Army and Navy tables.

Combat aircraft
10 F-16 Block 50
36 F-16 AM/BM MLU
13 AT-36 Toqui II
12 F-5 E/F Tiger III

Transport and reconnaissance
3 KC-135 E Stratotanker
1 737-300
1 737-58N
1 767-300ER
3 C-130 B/H
13 DHC-6
3 C212-200, -300
1 A100 King Air
1 Super King Air
2 Learjet 35A
1 Gulfstream IV
7 PA-28-236

24 T-35 Pillan
4 Citation CJ1
12 A-29 Super Tucano
6 AT-36 Halcón
2 Cirrus SR-22T

Airborne early warning and electronic warfare
1 707-385C Cóndor.

15 UH-1H
1 UH-60
13 Bell 412EP
5 206B Jet Ranger III

Air defense
GDF-005/007 2x35 mm cannon with FCS Sky Guard III fire control radar
Mistral missiles, some on Aspic launchers
Vulcan M-163 self-propelled, M-167 towed systems 

Acrobatic team
5 Extra 300


Anonymous said...

Thank you for authoring a fantastic and informative blog. You don't happen to know whether the Chilean armed forces publish their annual flight hours?

Many thanks

J.C. Arancibia said...

The only source where I found that was an old edition of The Military Balance. I think it said FACH pilots put in 75 hours a year. Not more than 100 hours, I'm pretty sure.