Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Army Details Requirements for Transport Aircraft

The Army is seeking to acquire at least four medium-size transport airplanes after retiring its C-212 planes. The requirements include a minimum load of 5 tons and double the range and endurance of the C-212, which would put it at more than 10 hours and 2,000 miles. They would also need to be able to land on unimproved runways. Army commander Gen. Juan Miguel Fuente-Alba told El Mercurio that the Army may request bids or negotiate directly with the manufacturer of a plane that meets requirements. The planes that fit the requirements are the Airbus C-235 and C-295, the Alenia C27J and the Russian made Antonov 32, according to El Mercurio.


Anonymous said...

The Antonov AN-32, eh?. Just like the Mi-17s, the Americans will pretty much put pressure to not buy them, I wonder if the Russians will be dissapointed to see another chance down to the ground to enter to the Chilean military market. In other case, Airbus and Alenia, especially the latter after their problem in Afghanistan.

Mr. Chile said...

Our best option is to purchase the same aircraft that has the Chilean Navy.

Stuart J. Martin said...

C27J problem in Afghanistan?? What the hell are you saying dude?
The Afghan Air Force has received from USAF some very old Italian Air Force surplus Fiat G222 (or C27A) built in the late 70s and no longer operational.
Nothing to do with C27J, which is a completely brand new project. Also, the problem the Afghans had with the C27A were related to the lack of spare parts.

Anonymous said...

Stuart, exactly you pointed out the problem, the old planes purchased, the Italian government sold the planes to Alenia and you know the rest of the story. I didn't mean the C-27J, so if you misunderstood, point taken. At least they tried to keep the C-27A in the air. Just wondering how much millions of dollars were spent in the project. Well, now there are plans in progress to buy AN-32 from Ukraine (not sure how many planes), and hoping that Afghanistan braces itself for this year.