Saturday, October 19, 2013

Surplus A-37B Warplanes Sold to El Salvador

The government of El Salvador has confirmed the purchase of 10 A-37B Dragonfly airplanes that had been retired by the Chilean Air Force. The $8.6 million deal, which includes spare parts, is being done with financing provided by the U.S., according to the October issue of Air Forces Monthly. El Salvador says the acquisition gives its air force a badly needed boost in equipment, although the acquisition means El Salvador will not buy A-29 Super Tucano airplanes from Brazil's Embraer. El Salvador already uses the A-37, which was used extensively during the civil war in that country. Chle had been shopping the A-37B's since they were retired from service in 2009. The Dragonfly was designed for counter-insurgency ground attack and got a lot of work in the Vietnam War. Chile had acquired more than three dozen A-37s over the years. Their last active service was in the base at Punta Arenas, in the far south of Chile. This is not the first aircraft sale to El Salvador. The Central American nation was one of several countries that bought the T-35 Pillan basic trainer from Chile.

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Anonymous said...

At least those dragonflies will be useful to the Salvadoran Air Force. And the more the Honduran govt. decides to stick their noses into matters out of their concern, the better.