Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sentinel Radars Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Next stop, Chile
Some of the six Sentinel air-defense radars Chile has purchased are being delivered. Two of the radars were picked up in the U.S. by a Chilean C-130 plane on July 1. The delivery was crucial for the radars to be part of upcoming training exercises, according to Edwards Air Force Base. The purchase was announced in 2009, and it includes SINCGARS radio systems, parts and logistical support in a $65 million package. Sentinel is a three-dimensional radar that can detect threats at low altitudes, at more than 40 km and as small as UAVs. ThalesRaytheon developed it. The radars will be integrated with the three dozen Avenger air defense units Chile is acquiring, and the three Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control Intelligence Systems it's also buying. The entire air defense suite is used by U.S. forces and can be integrated with allied forces. In fact, Chilean armed forces have been purchasing weapon systems that are in use in the U.S. or NATO. That's no coincidence: Chile's military has made a strategic decision to align itself with U.S. forces and its allies, and it continues that integration through regular joint exercises and through the modernization of its weaponry.

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