Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chile, Other Countries Team Up on Trainer Plane

Seven South American countries, including Chile, have formed a partnership to develop a basic trainer for their air forces. The goal is to develop and fly the first plane by 2015, according to Flightglobal. It's not clear who exactly will design and build the plane. Chile's participation in the project is not surprising because of two factors. One, its T-35 Pillan basic trainer has served for about three decades, and a replacement is needed. (A turboprop model introduced by Enaer as a follow-up to the Pillan went nowhere.) Two, Chile has embraced partnerships with other aerospace companies in the past. For example, it is one several nations involved in the development of the KC-390 transport plane, being built by Brazil's Embraer. The other countries teaming up on the new trainer are Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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