Saturday, August 4, 2012

FACh Featured in Air Forces Monthly

The September edition of Air Forces Monthly magazine has a special report on Chile's Air Force (Fach). The article notes that negotiations on the purchase of additional Black Hawk helicopters have resumed, while a replacement for the T-36 Toqui jet trainers is planned for 2013. In the early 1980s, FACh ordered 13 CASA C-101BB planes (named T-36 in Chile), followed by two more in 1991, the article says. Except for a single copy, all have been replaced by the new A-29B Super Tucanos. The ground attack version of the C-101 was ordered in 1984, with 23 copies purchased, Air Forces Monthly reported. Along with the sole converted T-36, all were upgraded in the mid-1990s to include heads-up displays, new avionics and the ability to fire Shafrif air-to-air missiles. Among other interesting details, the seven-page report also includes an order-of-battle table of the entire FACh.

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