Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some Odds and Ends in Chile's Arsenal

Thanks to a reader who sent data from SIPRI on Chile's defense acquisitions, here's a list of some systems that have been added in recent years but had not been reported in this blog.
  • M-108 VBLC artillery command vehicle. The M-108 flopped as a 105mm self-propelled gun, but the Belgians converted them to mobile command systems. Chile bought 21 of them, which were delivered in 2009.
  • Panhard PVP armored vehicles. These light 4x4 vehicles were delivered in 2010-11 for Marines working with the peacekeeping force in Haiti. Cost for the 15 vehicles was 2 million euros. Only nine have been delivered.
  • M-113A2 in ambulance configuration. Germany sold 24 of these to Chile in 2009.
  • SM-39 Exocet missiles. The Navy bought a dozen of these anti-ship missiles, which are fired from submarines.
  • AIM-7M Sparrow anti-aircraft missiles. Bought 75 from the Dutch as part of the deal for four used frigates. Delivered in 2006-08.
  • Black Shark torpedoes. One of only a few acquisitions made in Italy, 100 of these advanced torpedoes were bought in 2005-10.

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