Monday, June 4, 2012

EADS Partnering with Chile's ENAER

EADS will form a partnership with Enaer, the aviation services and manufacturing company operated by Chile's Air Force. The two firms will form a new company that will manufacture aircraft components and provide maintenance services. The deal increases EADS' footprint in Chile, where the European consortium has had success selling military planes (C-212, C-235, C-295), helicopters (Super Puma and similar models) and a satellite. Enaer's current activities will be folded into the new company, which will provide Enaer with fresh investments and a larger workload. But Enaer employees are not happy with the news. They fear hundreds of workers will be laid off. Enaer has had its ups and downs. It has a steady business servicing Air Force planes and some civilian jets, while boasting Chile's most successful military export: the T-35 Pillan basic trainer. But there have been times when business was light and the company was posting losses. In 2009, management laid off 200 workers.

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