Monday, January 16, 2012

World Naval Review 2012 Includes Chapter on Chile

The 2012 edition of Seaforth World Naval Review has been released, and it includes a chapter on Chile's Navy written by the publisher of this blog. Thus, you see here a gratuitous promotion about this yearbook. World Naval Review "has rapidly established a reputation as an authoritative but affordable summary of all that has happened in the naval world in the previous twelve months," says the book's back cover. "It combines the standing features of regional surveys with one-off major articles on noteworthy new ships and other important developments." My chapter on the Chilean Navy details the modernization that started with Chile's purchase of two Scorpene submarines in 1997, to the refurbishment of the principal surface ships, to the recovery from the 2010 earthquake and the current upgrade of naval aviation and marine forces. It also discusses the looming changes in military budgeting and its impact on the Navy. The 2012 edition of this hardcover includes an analysis of today's Royal Navy, British offshore patrol vessels, plus chapters on sonar technology and naval aviation.

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