Saturday, January 21, 2012

Colombia Looks to Buy Leopard 1 Tanks from Chile

Colombia may acquire a batch of Chilean Leopard 1V tanks, the daily La Segunda reported. Colombia has inquired into buying 60 tanks and sent technical teams to evaluate the equipment in October and December. Undersecretary of Defense Oscar Izurieta downplayed the possible deal, but confirmed Colombia is interested in acquiring some Leopards. There's more than just a transfer of tanks: Colombia has asked Chile for assistance in equipping and maintaining armored forces, La Segunda noted. As a quid pro quo, Chile's Army asked its Colombian counterparts for training on helicopter warfare in day and night conditions -- something in which Colombia has extensive experience after its long war against FARC. Chile plans to retire most if not all its Leopard 1V tanks, having equipped its front-line battalions with the more capable Leopard 2.Chile acquired the Leopard 1V tanks from surplus inventories in Holland and Germany. Most arrived in 1999. Reports that Chile would sell some Leopard 1V tanks to Ecuador never materialized.


dana - visa americana said...

hopefully serve to combat the guerrillas and no more, the idea is peace, not war, but it must end this group that caused so much damage to us.

Lina- fomi said...

Que el único objetivo de la compra de estos tanques sea para combatir a los grupos subversivos que ha hecho tanto mal a nuestro país, y mas a un tanta gente inocente que ni siquiera sabe el porque de esta guerra sin sentido.