Saturday, November 5, 2011

Single-Engine Planes Added to Border Security

Chile has acquired three small airplanes as part of its effort to curb drug trafficking in the northern border region. The Cirrus SR-22 planes, which cost $500,000 each, will be equipped with optical equipment for day and night surveillance. The acquisition is part of Plan Frontera Norte (Plan Northern Border), which bolsters defenses against drug trafficking from Peru and Bolivia with a combined air-sea-land campaign. The government has budgeted $70 million through 2014 for Plan Frontera Norte. Other elements of the plan include a ground radar, a mobile thermal-imaging system, fast-reaction vehicles and other sensors.


Anonymous said...

1. Any reason why you say "has acquired"? Press reports from Chile said: "airplanes will be purchased"!
2. Cirrus planes are OK for pleasure and tourism, but for the intended purposes are perfectly inadequate.
3. This project smells "fishy".

J.C. Arancibia said...

Interesting comment. To me it seems like Chile going the cheap route, rather than investing in a beefier airborne platform.

Anonymous said...

Those acft are fine for that mission. If they need f-16 to respond they can assist.