Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Netherlands Wraps Up Deliveries of F-16s

The final batch of used F-16 fighter jets for Chile's Air Force has made it to its new home. On Aug. 29, the last five planes left from the Netherlands, plus one more whose flight was delayed by a day. In total, 18 F-16s were purchased under a $270 million agreement in 2009. The first dozen planes were delivered in November 2010 and April of this year. The final deliveries give FACH 36 former Dutch F-16s. The planes, which have undergone the midlife upgrade program (MLU), include 29 of the "A" single-seat version plus seven two-seat "B" samples. The entire fleet of MLU-type F-16s is stationed at the Cerro Moreno air base near Antofagasta. The newer C/D version F-16s are based farther north, near Iquique.

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