Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another Setback for Asmar Shipyard

The navy's shipyard -- trying to get back on its feet after being wiped out in the February 2010 tsunami -- is dealing with another big problem. Workers have gone on strike, halting work at the yard for about a month now. There's been no word from Asmar on any project delays, but the strike is certainly not what the company needed. Workers are seeking higher wages. An interesting twist is that the workers' union accused the navy of using marines to halt a protest march. The way the union chief tells it, the naval zone's commander rejected a protest on the naval base's grounds and threatened to use troops if it was carried out. The union marched to the base's gates, where they were met by armed marines. The navy confirmed it denied permission for the protest, citing navy regulations. But it denies being heavy-handed.

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