Friday, October 15, 2010

Navy, Asmar Share Limelight of Mine Rescue

Among the many organizations and companies deserving credit for the historic rescue of 33 trapped miners in Chile is the country's navy. Engineers at the navy's Asmar shipyard designed the Phoenix capsules that were used to hoist the miners out. NASA provided technical assistance the engineers used to design the pods. Aside from a minor glitch with the door, the capsule made 39 round trips (including the six rescuers) to the half-mile depths with no problems. Two backup capsules were not used. Two of the six rescuers who were sent underground were from the navy's special forces: Sgt. Roberto Rios and Cpl. Patricio Roblero. On the surface, Capt. Andres Llanera was an attending physician, and Sgt. Christian Bugueno was one of the nurses. They were part of Naval Task Force 33, no doubt a reference to the 33 miners.

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