Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FARC Linked to Mapuche Extremists, Communists

The Colombian rebel group FARC is training Mapuche radical activists in Chile, officials in Colombia have warned. FARC's involvement goes back to 2001, and evidence show their tactics being adopted by  Mapuche extremists. Moreover, several communist party leaders in Chile have ties with FARC, the dossier from Colombia says. The communist leaders admitted their involvement, though they maintain the connections are purely political. That caused an uproar, and President Sebastian Pinera said anyone with ties to the terrorist organization owes the country explanations. For years, Mapuche radicals have mounted a campaign of violence that includes setting fire to ranches and trucks and taking over lands. Their activities pose one of the largest security problems in Chile. Their cause: reclaiming ancestral lands taken in the 1980s. Mapuches have denied any links to FARC.

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