Monday, June 21, 2010

NASAMS Chosen for Air Defense

Chile's air force has agreed to acquire Norway's NASAMS medium-range air defense system, according to various reports. The system uses U.S.-made AMRAAM missiles, which are fired from a six-missile container and controlled by a 3D radar. Chile decided on NASAMS because of its reliability and frequent upgrades to the AMRAAM, normally used as an air-to-air weapon. Co-developed by Raytheon and Kongsberg, NASAMS can attack as many as 72 targets simulteneously, including aircraft, UAVs and cruise missiles. An initial $100 million order will pay for three batteries, says Enfoque Estrategico. NASAMS will be the deepest layer in Chile's air defense system. The army has acquired Gepard anti-aircraft artillery systems, and an acquisition of Avenger short-range missile systems and Sentinel radars is being sought. UPDATE:  Chile's Defense Ministry denied that the NASAMS system was being purchased. Rather, it is being evaluated by the air force, the ministry said.

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