Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chile General Takes Command of Haiti UN Forces

With the current leader of the UN peacekeeping force missing after Tuesday's earthquake, Chilean army Gen. Ricardo Toro has assumed command of the 9,000-strong force. The job is doubly tough for Toro, whose wife is among the missing. Chile has about 500 troops in Haiti. Their deployment since 2004 has been fairly uneventful until this week. No Chileans were hurt in the quake, although several from other nations died. Chile's air force is dispatching a Hercules C-130 and a Boeing 767 with humanitarian aid, while a navy landing ship is sailing to the disaster area. UPDATE: Chilean firefighters on Jan. 22 found the body of MarĂ­a Teresa Dowling, the wife of army Gen. Ricardo Toro, in the ruins of a hotel that collapsed in the Haiti earthquake. Gen. Toro spent only a couple of days in control of UN forces before being relieved to focus on the search for his wife.


Anonymous said...

I have CMA missionary friends that are being held with the Chilean peacekeeper team in Haiti. They have asked that we pass on their thanks for the good way they are being treated by the Chilean forces. I, too, wish to thank you and until they are safely on a plane back home, I'll continue to pray! God bless you all!

J.C. Arancibia said...

Thanks for passing that on!