Sunday, December 7, 2008

How to Spend $3 Billion

Defense analysts estimate Chile has amassed $3 billion from copper revenues to spend on weaponry. The main items already under discussion include air-defense missiles for the army, refueling tankers and early-warning aircraft for the air force, plus UAVs for all armed forces. Here's this blog's proposed spending plan, which argues that most purchases should be for equipment that can also have a civilian use. For the navy, two more patrol vessels make sense. These ships serve a valuable role in protecting economic interests. It's also important to acquire a ship capable of transporting troops, helicopters and vehicles for peacekeeping missions and natural disasters. For the air force, UAVs and early-warning aircraft would help patrol borders and fight drug trafficking. A fleet of rescue helicopters, which is already under consideration, is needed for civilian emergencies. For the army, infantry modernization is key. That includes more optical electronics, body armor, M-4 carbines. The peacekeeping batallion should get priority. Not all $3 billion need to be spent. It would be smart to set aside $1 billion to create a fund, sort of an endowment, to generate new revenue for the military.

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Anonymous said...

How stupid for a developing country like Chile is to be engaged in this insane thought and ready to spend 3 billion in armament (with an excuse of eventual civil use). How futile is the idea of preparation for war against another developing country (Peru, Argentina???). There are so many things to do with that money in our beloved land.

Our people should be our best asset and they should be defended against globalism, imperialism and interventionism - the real treat of humanity.

Three Billion dollars for those assassins on the armed forces, those who committed crimes against humanity and still roaming around us showing medals earned in a imaginary battle against their own fears and limitations.

Three billion to make proud (with brand new toys) to those around the elitist ‘Escuela Militar’; those living on the wealthy Las Condes, a long time blessed neighborhood that tries hard to look as a developed piece of earth. Bachelet and most of the ruling class in the feudalist Chile lives there – no wonder why she is ok with the idea, she doesnt use public services - nobody on the far east side of Santiago does.

Just sit to watch the news on any Chilean TV channel and you will realize in how many ways three billions should be spend.