Friday, November 21, 2008

Gepard Anti-Aircraft System Arrives

The first five of 30 Gepard 1A anti-aircraft artillery vehicles have been delivered to Chile's army. The self-propelled systems were acquired as surplus from the German army and will undergo some upgrades, according to Enfoque Estrategico. Those include an improved fire-control system and perhaps the addition of Mistral anti-aircraft missiles. The units are being deployed to the 1st Armored Brigade (based in Arica), the 2nd Armored Brigade (in Iquique) and the 3rd Armored Brigade (in Antofagasta). The acquisition, which had been rumored for years, gives the army an improved air-defense capability. Up to now, that force consisted of some self-propelled 20mm guns and shoulder-fired Blowpipe missiles. Reports have said the army is still looking to purchase air-defense missiles.

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