Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Army Acquires Marder Armored Vehicles

Negotiations are wrapping up for the purchase of 120 used Marder infantry fighting vehicles from Germany. The Marders will support new tank batallions equipped with the Leopard II, the daily El Mercurio reported. Currently, that's a job handled by the thinner-armored M-113. Munich-based Krauss Maffei will refurbish the Marders, which are being deployed to two armored brigades in Arica and Iquique. Deliveries are set for 2008; terms weren't given. El Mercurio's article adds that Chile's army is also looking to buy air-defense systems for its brigades. The German Gepard, long rumored to be the army's choice, and missile systems are under consideration from European and Russian sources., which broke the news of the Marder deal, has also reported talks to acquire a few hundred Piranha armored vehicles from Switzerland.

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