Saturday, September 15, 2007

Report Indicates Navy Acquiring C-295 Patrol Aircraft

The navy is replacing its P-3 Orion and Embraer P-111 fixed-wing aircraft with EADS Casa C-295 Persuader for maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare roles. There's been no official announcement of the deal. But a transcript of an interview with navy commander Adm. Rodolfo Codina Diaz, posted on the navy's official Web site, quotes him saying seven planes will be purchased. The deal isn't quite done, the admiral notes, but the planes will be C-295. Initially, two planes will be acquired, to be followed by five more. No word on how much the acquisition will cost, or when deliveries are planned. The advantage of C-295 is that all the branches of Chile's armed forces already operate Casa transport planes, making logistics easier to handle. Prior reports indicated two of the seven new planes will be transports.

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